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jose is a graphical chess analysis tool made in Java
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jose is a graphical chess analysis tool made in Java. Thus, it should be supported by most operative systems, since Java is, well, everywhere. The application allows you to keep a record of chess games. Those games can be played back and then edited. You can add commentary to the game as well. Basically, when you first open jose, you will think this is just another chess game. Well, it can be thought as just a game, but it has so much to offer. I would think of it as a learning aid. All the features that this beauty has make it perfect for just that. There is a hint option that shows what a good move would be, which brings me to the next topic. jose works with several chess engines, so you can stick with the one you like the most. And, thus, you can play against a CPU player using those engines. Graphically, jose is basic. The chess board looks made of marble and the pieces have a nice look to them. In short, with all the data that gets logged during your games with jose, and the ability to keep and then view games, jose is a great chess analysis tool.

José Fernández
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  • It looks great
  • Cross-platform
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